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Jadwiga Piasecka

My name is Jadwiga – a passionate  travel agent with an insatiable love for exploring the world and creating unforgettable adventures for others. With a globetrotter’s heart, I have ventured through numerous countries, accumulating a wealth of first-hand experiences that set the foundation for my travel expertise.

Having traversed the enchanting landscapes of Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, and the breath-taking Canary Islands, I have cultivated an intimate knowledge of these destinations, ensuring that my clients can embark on journeys that go beyond the ordinary. From the captivating beauty of Lapland to the vibrant metropolis of New York and the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Utah, Nevada, and California, I can tailor itineraries that cater to every traveller’s unique desires.

If you are a  true adventurer at heart I can help you to conquer Patagonia’s rugged terrains, trek through the ancient wonders of Peru,  brave the icy landscapes of Antarctica and taste the thrill of Mount Everest trekking.

Yet, I do not just specialise in the extraordinary; the sun-kissed beaches of Bali, the cultural richness of Singapore, the opulence of Dubai, and the paradise of the Maldives and Bora Bora are all part of my repertoire. With a deep understanding of diverse cultures and travel preferences, I can ensure that each journey is a harmonious blend of exploration and relaxation.

If you choose me as your travel guide, be prepared to embark on a personalised voyage that transcends the ordinary, creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a cultural odyssey, a thrilling adventure, or a luxurious escape, I am dedicated to crafting the perfect travel experience for every client, making dreams of wanderlust a reality.



(+44) 7591-434109