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We invite you to indulge your wanderlust and explore the world’s breath taking destinations. Our passion for travel is matched only by our commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences. Let us be your guide as you step into a realm of adventure, luxury and cultural wonders. Your dream getaway starts here.

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Unveil the boundless beauty that spans the globe with us.

At LV Prestige Travel we’re dedicated to helping you discover the unlimited wonders of our world. From the iconic landmarks to hidden gems, let each journey with us be a canvas painted with awe-inspiring landscapes and unforgettable moments. Explore, dream, and immerse yourself in the unlimited beauty that awaits.

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Explore a captivating array of holiday options tailored to fulfil every travellers fantasy.

Whether basking in the sun on pristine beaches, navigating snow covered landscapes, immersing in vibrant city cultures, or embarking on a safari adventure, each vacation is an untold tale waiting to unfold. 


Explore the Maldives, an awe-inspiring archipelago where immaculate white sands are caressed by crystal-clear waters. Luxuriate in opulent overwater villas, marvel at the lively marine world, and relish the delights of local cusine. In this enchanting haven, every sunset becomes a masterpiece, blending adventure with tranquility. Whether you’re on honeymoon, with family, or traveling solo, the Maldives ensures an indelible retreat into a realm of serence beauty and limitless ocean horizons.


Embark on an enchanting expedition to Lapland, a winter paradise tailored for families. Our premium holiday packages feature snug lodges boasting stunning Northern Lights vistas. Indulge in exclusive husky sled rides, visit Santa Claus in his village, and engage in delightful snow activities. Lapland guarantees an unparalleled luxury adventure, allowing families to immerse themselves in the Artic’s enchanting magic.

Cruise Holidays

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our exclusive cruise holidays, where every moment is a celebration of indulgence and discovery. Escape the ordinary and step aboard a state-of-the-art cruise ships, where luxury meets the open sea.



Embark on an exceptional luxury safari expedition. Retreat to exclusive lodges and tented camps surrounded by Africa’s awe-inspiring wildfire. Experience private game drives guided by experts, witness the Great Migration, and participate in conservation activities. Our safaris seamlessly blend adventure, wildlife encounters, and lavish relaxation, crafting memories in the heart of the wild.


Please ensure your passport validity is suitable to travel before you ask us to quote, as a company we advise all passengers to check that your passport is no older than 9.5 years from the date it became valid. Should your passport fall outside of 9.5 years we recommend renewing before travel. It is, at all times, the customers responsibility to ensure that they meet the entry requirements to the destination they are visiting, including any changes to entry that the destination introduces post booking. The accurate information regarding all entry and passport requirements can be found at Foreign travel advice РGOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 

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