I’m Vicky Yates-McCowan

Hey fellow wanderers! I’m Vicky, a travel enthusiast with a heart that beats for the magic of Disney World in Florida. From the whimsical delights of the parks to the enchanting castle, it’s my favorite escape into a world of fantasy. But my journey doesn’t end there. I’ve wandered through the vibrant markets of Morocco, stood in awe of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, and experienced the dynamic energy of Singapore.

The wild beauty of South Africa, the tropical haven of the Dominican Republic, and the serene charm of the Canary Islands have all been part of my travel tapestry. Attending the Monaco Grand Prix was a thrilling adventure, where the roar of engines and the glitz of the event created unforgettable memories.

And then there’s the allure of cruising, a love affair with the sea that has taken me to incredible destinations. One of the most magical chapters of my travel story unfolded in Mexico, where I was lucky enough to say “I do” surrounded by loved ones. It’s a place that holds a special spot in my heart for more reasons than one.

But what makes every journey truly extraordinary is the company of my family. Whether exploring the wonders of Disney or creating cherished moments in far-off lands, our adventures are a celebration of love, togetherness, and the joy of discovering new horizons.

Enter the magical world of Lapland, where Santa’s workshop glistens with the spirit of Christmas. Our family embarked on a wondrous trip, a sleigh ride through snow-covered landscapes, guided by the soft glow of the Northern Lights. In this snowy haven, we met Santa Claus himself, surrounded by his cheerful elves and the enchanting Lapland scenery. It was a moment straight out of a fairy-tale, where the air was filled with the jingle of bells and the warmth of holiday cheer.

So, from the glittering lights of Disney to the cultural richness of Morocco, the sun-soaked beaches of the Dominican Republic, and the magical Lapland adventure with Santa, my travel mantra is simple: embrace the magic of each moment, savour the experiences, and let the world be our playground. Here’s to more adventures with family, love, and the wonders that travel unveils!


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