Clare Adams

Hello, fellow adventurers! I’m Clare, and my love affair with travel ignited on a cruise to Porto, a place of sheer beauty that left an indelible mark on my heart.

Whether it’s navigating the coastal roads from Brisbane to Sydney in a motorhome, cruising from Spain to Portugal exploring vibrant markets in Morocco, or revving up on a quad bike amid Dubai’s sand dunes, my journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences.

Even closer to home, the UK holds its own treasures. From the mystical vibes of Stonehenge to the serene Abbey at Glastonbury, I’ve found spiritual moments in the midst of historical wonders. Flying kites at Lytham St Ann’s and discovering accessible mobility scooter hikes in the Lakes bring a unique charm to domestic exploration.

Being disabled, I often rely on the comfort of UK disabled rooms in hotels, ensuring every adventure is not just memorable but also accommodating. So, whether it’s a cruise across continents or a scenic drive through the UK’s hidden gems, my travel tale is a celebration of embracing the world’s beauty, one accessible adventure at a time.


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